Tender Writing Services in Australia

Whether you aim to write a tender to help add a new client to your portfolio or secure one you already have, your organisation needs an experienced partner in tender writing. A winning tender document delivers a clear strategy and customised plans. Our team at Win Any Tender will ensure your individual story is told so that you are seen as the obvious and best service provider for the job. We will answer the critical questions in the bid and highlight the features and benefits of your organisation to set you apart.

Highlighting your organisation’s experience properly for the project is one of the critical parts of writing a winning tender document. We will ensure that your submission includes a confident introduction of your team, with biographies detailing their capabilities. Win Any Tender consistently delivers bid documents that contain the most relevant references to ensure you shine amongst the competition. 

Our team will use their knowledge to efficiently put together all the elements of your written bid as well as oversee the submission, including but not limited to:

• Overarching strategy and approach.

• design of sound and tailored concepts.

• Addition of relevant support papers.

• Strong team biographies and descriptions.

• Finalisation of a tender document written in a language that fits the industry.

Sometimes, the difference between a win and a failure can be the supporting documents and submitted compliance certificates. We will not let you raise a tender pack without ensuring every last detail has been included. We will work to demonstrate that every one of the project’s demands will be met by your organisation through a tried and tested process. 

We have the capability and the experience to write tenders for multiple sectors, from education and school tenders to mining, charities, the private sector, healthcare tenders and more. We can work with any size organisation, and our team regards itself as one of Australia’s top winning teams in tender writing.

Providing case studies from previous experience is key to submitting a competitive bid, and we will ensure you select the right set for the job. We realise that the work you are bidding for is long-term and, therefore, of high value to your organisation, and we are committed to helping our clients win the proper tender for sustainable growth. We also realise that not all organisations have a team they can dedicate to the tender writing and proposal work; therefore, we aim to create efficiencies and structure around ways of working. These efficiencies will save you time in the long run and ensure your internal resources are optimised.

Whether it’s the defence force, you’re writing a tender for, bidding on, or a school grant, we are here to help you. Our expertise in tender writing lies in compelling storytelling and communication that contains only what is necessary. Your organisation may be just dipping its toe in the water, trying to figure out whether or not to go after a particular tender, or it may be lost in the depths of a complicated bid. Either way, we would love to explore the possibility of winning together. 

Get in touch at +61 404 165 016 or email us at tenders@winanytender.com and let’s get writing today!