Tender Management in Australia

At Win Any Tender, we understand that the process of end-to-end tender management includes elements from planning to monitoring and reviewing the project. If this is your organisation’s first tender, a critical part of the process will be recording the steps taken so that they can be repeated in the future for new contracts. 

If you have a project that needs the time and expertise of an energised tender management team, let us assess your needs in detail and see how we can work together for ultimate project success. We will prioritise time to get to know and understand your organisation, what its vision and goals are, as well as what its needs look like so that we can offer the best solutions to you as a tender management partner.

Suppose your organisation is already familiar with tender management and looking to save on internal resources; why not consider outsourcing the work? Our experienced team will start by evaluating previous tenders to see what worked and what needs to be improved. We encourage organisations to learn from past tender experiences and gather valuable insight for future projects. This first step is best practice for tender management and will save valuable time and effort, allowing your organisation to improve on future results. 

Another critical factor for your organisation’s next generation of tender management is to allow bidders to add new or extra value, especially if they are reapplying. Excellent communication will be needed to inform bidders of any changes in process, policy or method in the application process. Our team has a reputation in the Australian market for leading excellent communication with bidders based on solid relationships and successful contracts.

We understand that in Australia, tender management requires the ability to grasp technology to succeed. Our team will work with your organisation’s system to improve document management, decision making and continuous tracking and monitoring. Tender management can be highly time and resource-consuming, and our team knows the value of using the right technology to maximise time. 

Here is an example of eight steps to successful tender management:

1. Identify new tender opportunities for your business and clarify business goals.

2. Define the selection.

3. Define who will be involved with the tender management and their responsibilities. 

4. Create the first draft of the tender, evaluate and present it to the market.

5. Look into the bidders and have a basic idea of their capabilities.

6. Selection of the preferred tender applicant.

7. Negotiation with the applicant on the contract terms and pricing. Please note that this step requires the expertise of negotiating.

8. Management and governance of the project, including monitoring and tracking.

This is end-to-end tender management.

We hope you will consider us for your tender management needs and are confident we can assist you with a successful project. Saving your organisation time and ensuring the project becomes the best practice for the future will be at the heart of everything we do for.

Get in touch with us at +61 404 165 016 or email us at tenders@winanytender.com and let’s get this partnership going!