How Hard is to Find a Tender/Bidding Proposal Writer for Accounting Services?

For optimal functioning, a wide variety of commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, and government establishments rely on the assistance of various specialists and professionals. Many businesses use the bid procedure to hand off accounting duties to a third party and public organizations commonly advertise contract accounting services. 

Similarly, the bidding process is used by certain private companies to hire accountants. An accountant must adopt a consistent strategy to be competitive while bidding on projects. Our government tender writing experience includes the Australian and state government departments, agencies, and government-funded organizations, as well as local governments across Australia. Here are just a few examples:

• Department of Defence

• Department of Home Affairs

• Department of Education, Skills, and Employment

• Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development
& Cities

• Launceston City Council

• Australian Taxation Office

• Melton City Council

• City of Canada Bay

• Fairfield City Council

• NSW Department of Health

• Transport for NSW

• Safework NSW

• NSW Department of Education

• NSW Police

• NSW Department of Justice

• NSW Department of Families and Community Services

• NSW Department of Industry

• South Australian Tourist Commission

• Defence Housing Australia

• Office of Parliamentary Counsel

• Queensland Treasury

• Work Cover

• Queensland Building and Construction Commission

• Queensland Department of Health

• Victorian Department of Health

• Victorian School Building Authority

• NT Power Water

• NT Health

• Sydney Water

• ACT Government

• Auckland City Council

• City of Brisbane Council

• City of Sydney Council

• Blacktown council

• Penrith council

• Lane Cove Council

• Randwick City Council

• Strathfield Council

• Department of Veterans’ Affairs

• Department of Social Services

• Roads and maritime services.

Identify Potential Contracts to Offer


If an accountant is looking to bid on a prospect, they should start by contacting government personnel or checking government websites. Officials from the government can provide information about the position and how to apply for a bid. Family-owned or small enterprises with only a few workers typically go outside for accounting assistance and post open jobs in trade journals and newspapers. 

Furthermore, non-profit organizations that rely on volunteer labor will occasionally advertise for accounting services. You may contact them to find out if jobs are currently open and how to apply. The internet is a great resource for finding job openings, and many major organizations also make their buying departments a good resource. Connecting with accounting groups can help you learn about bid prospects. 

Locate Customer Requirements 

Pay close attention to the organization’s proposal requests. Requests for proposals (RFPs) may be posted on corporate or government websites or come from smaller companies or nonprofits directly. Identify the necessary processes and expertise for the project. Keeping track of sales, orders, and costs is all part of normal bookkeeping, which is all some projects need. Others need in-depth accounting help with things like taxes and annual reports. 

Ask about anything you think could be appropriate but isn’t covered in the requirements document, such as additional time constraints, audits, or financial forecasting. Make sure you have a complete list of everything you need to do the work or finish the project. 

Evaluate Proposal Services 

Determine what knowledge and resources are  required to carry out the planned project. Find out if you’ll just be responsible for basic tasks, like billing and invoicing, or if you’ll also be responsible for more involved tasks, like financial analysis. Estimate how much time you’ll need to complete the job. Determine the fee by your desired hourly salary. 

Formulate the Offer 

Compose the bid proposal so that all the effort you will be making to fulfill the request is accounted for. To help evaluators understand how you arrived at your bid price, please itemize the costs of all labor and materials used to complete the job. Include in the proposal the services you will deliver, the rate you will charge, the timeline for completing the project, and the deadline for bid submissions. 

Getting in touch with WIN ANY TENDER will help them to write the tender responses for the accounting firms.