Grant Management in Australia

At Win Any Tender, we concern ourselves with professional and efficient grant management and understand that maximising a grant fund’s success requires a team of experts. If you have a grant fund that requires the time and expertise of an experienced team, we urge you to reach out to us and let us see how we can partner to run it smoothly for you. We are here to assist your organisation, from designing the programme to monitoring and reviewing its impact. Through our years of grant management, we are experts at creating professional forms for grant proposal submissions. We are here to ensure that you gain tremendous interest in your grant programme via various communication and marketing avenues to reach suitable applicants in the right sectors and geographic locations and with the skills required. 

The first step in effective grant management is to take a proper deep dive into your organisation’s business goals to determine what is fully required of the grant programme. Aligning ourselves to your vision and organisational needs is always the first critical step in the partnership. Once the vision and goals have been established, we can craft a programme that will meet the demand identified in the alignment sessions. We are flexible regarding how these sessions occur and will work around your team’s requirements.

We have the capacity to oversee the online application portal and ensure this is running smoothly before starting to market the programme. Next is putting together the marketing requirements and campaigns to reach suitable applicants. However, we will ensure the activities are planned and ready to go in advance. Our team is focused on being efficient and time-saving as your grant management partner in Australia, which will come across to your organisation through our planning processes and our sense of urgency when dealing with your project.

One of the elements of grant management that takes up a lot of time and resources is managing frequent communication with the programme’s applicants. There is a constant need to provide advice, no matter how clearly the application requirements have been laid out. Our team takes great pride in building good relationships with all prospective recipients. Beyond these elements of support, we will assist in the assessment and auditing of all proposals and will work with your organisation to select the right recipient for the job.

Our grant management service is an end-to-end solution. Here is a summary of the steps involved:

• Designing of the business plan by reviewing your organisational needs. 

• Set up the programme and its framework of questions and requirements.

• Design and implement the marketing activities involved with the programme. 

• Management of grant applications. 

• Review, audit and assessment of all applications.

• Oversee the communication between the funder and the recipient. 

• Work together with the finder to select the correct recipient on a fair and thorough review of all applications.

• Monitor the impact that the programme is having through a process of reviewing the key milestones.

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