Bid And Proposal Writing Services in Australia

Putting together a bid proposal is no small feat, and at Win Any Tender, we understand the stakes are high. We know businesses are built on new clients and sustained by retaining them. Our team has the experience and expertise to work on any bid proposal, no matter the size or level of complexity involved. This work is our passion and purpose, and we are here to help your organisation! Through a winning recipe of strategy and communication, we have developed the right formula and tools to win bids and tenders in Australia. 

The client wants to understand what makes your organisation special. They want to see what sets you apart from the other bidders and your bid proposal needs to explain that to them in their language. A strong, winning bid proposal must demonstrate your knowledge and how you can deliver value beyond the competition. This requires the experience and expertise many organisations don’t have within their team, which is why partnering with us can be valuable. 

As with any good business proposal, a bidding document should include a detailed account of the current landscape relevant to the industry. The client will want to see that you are well versed in all facets of the project or industry you are from. Another critical part is to show the team working on the project long-term in their best light. This will build confidence and trust as your prospective client will see you as a solid choice. Think of it as a very long interview with us as your coach!

Bid proposals require high levels of detail and accuracy to deliver a professional and compelling pack. Putting that together and managing the responses from the prospective client takes time and much organisational energy. Our experienced team knows which documents, certificates, manuals, financials and reports will be required, and we will get these ready from the beginning to save on time and stress. In our experience, this can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of the process as our clients will often not have the correct certificate or it’s been misplaced. We will set you up to win your bid right from the start and ensure you don’t run into this problem down the road. 

Here are a few elements of the process that we deliver as your bid writing partner:

• Total strategy and story-telling approach with themes.

• Clear and concise concepts.

• Collection of correct supporting documentation. 

• Professional team profiles and descriptions.

• Finalisation of a bid proposal pack, written in a way that speaks to the client!

We have the capability and the experience to write a proposal for both the private and public sectors, and our expertise ranges from education and school proposals to construction. We are driven by helping any size organisation get their bid proposal over the line and onto the winning podium! 

Your organisation may be new to putting together bid proposals, or maybe you need to outsource to save time; no matter the reason, we are here to help you with each step in the process.

Get in touch at +61 404 165 016 or email us at and let’s win this bid together!