About Us

We are qualified and trained professionals in tender documents and grant applications writing. Through the proper drafting of tender documents and grant applications, they committed us to leveraging sustainable resources to promote the continuity of your business and the development and growth of your organisation.


Our experiences are enhanced by the fact that Mr. Zak Obaid, the director, is well qualified since he holds bachelor’s degrees in civil/structural engineering from the University of Western Sydney, and have taken courses in grant writing and negotiation skills for professionals from the University of Sydney.


In terms of preparing your tender documents, we will assist you in drafting full tender proposals and providing you with responses to applications. Based on the tenders you would like to apply for, we can take care of the hard work for you and provide you with the knowledge and experiences to be able to showcase your organisation in the best light, to successfully win the tenders you apply for.


Regarding grant applications, we have experience in conducting the research, the feasibility study for the funding, and the preparation of the necessary applications and documents, to ensure compliance with the criteria required by each of the applications.


As experienced and resilient project managers, our focus is to assist you in coordinating and managing the tenders and grant projects you want to work on, providing you with reliable information and resources to achieve the target results.

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